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Our philosophy is to infuse products that we called Smart Eating, healthy eating good for you eating and most important as much as local as our beautiful Canada supplies as an ingredient products like, Lentils, chick pea flour(garbanzo flour), black bean flour and various other legumes family which is grown right here in our beautiful back yard. 

Also we try to use as much local vegetables as we can. Local chicken, beef and fresh delivery eggs are delivered to Rio Vida`s bakery. ( Celiac Edmonton )

Specialized in dry mixes for cup cakes, cakes, muffins & breads milled to suit your allergy needs. For example, we can create dry mixes with no soy, no corn, nut free, and high fibre.

Rio Vida also specializes in snack breads like; savory flat breads which are flavourful and sweet. We like to work with ancient grains like quinoa, chia seeds, lentils, and chick pea flour... adding nutrition to the starches and the products we create.

Meals ready to go; individual or family sized, pizzas and pizza crust (8" 12"). We invite you to come in and sample what we are cooking.

We do carry some of our friends local products. Please feel free to phone and ask us about any of the products we offer.

Thank you for shopping Rio Vida!

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"Mindful of Nutritious Food"

"So Good You Can't Believe It's Gluten Free".

Rio Vida's current Gluten Free Bakery is located @ 17515 100 Avenue, right on the corner behind New Asian Village.
Please don`t hesitate to contact us at (780)444-3344, (780)476-4009, (780)902-7593

Tuesday to Thursday from 11am to 5pm
Fridays fom 11am to 6pm
Saturdays from 11 am to 5pm
Sundays 12am to 4pm
(Please call at 780 9027593 to check for Sundays' Schedule for opening as we alternate it from time to time)

Made Fresh Daily, ready for pick-up or delivery, every order is prepared with the needs of our customers in mind. Providing Quality Alternatives for Specific Dietary Needs.  Nice, light & Tasty Our Gluten Free Bakery is certified and only makes Gluten Free Products.

"All our products are gluten free"
  • Egg Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Lactose Free
  • Soya Free
  • Sugar Free
  • Vegan
  • No Preservatives

You name it and we will try to make it...

Allergy & Diabetic Specific; we can 'Tailor your order request', to meet your individual need. Do not hesitate to contact Rio Vida directly in the planning of your meals or what's on the menu.

For More Information; take a good look at The Canadian Celiac Association website.
Here you will find foods to avoid that contain gluten and foods to enjoy that are gluten free.

To assist you further on the road to good health; Rio Vida looks forward to satisfying your special needs and earning
your business.

Rio Vida is a proud Canadian company with A Brazilian Accent!